About Fukucha


Relax and enjoy traditional Ujicha.

The world of Japanese tea, also connected to the Spirit of Zen, has been considered difficult to enter due to complicated rules and manners attached. Fukucha’s manner is simple and easy. First, make tea yourself to feel and enjoy the unique flavor and aroma of three flavorful infusions at your own pace. Second, just be open and enjoy other unique and dynamic arrangements of traditional Ujicha.

Herbal tea

A fresh and tasteful combination of Ujicha and herbs.

Seeking the new possibilities of Ujicha, we were fascinated by the beautiful harmony created together with herbs. The muscat-like scent of elderflower, or the sweet apple-like scent of camomile adds on mildness while enhancing the rich flavour of Ujicha. Enjoy the wide selection of herbal tea made from carefully selected herbs and Ujicha leaves, together with our home-made special sweets.

Tea pairings

Our special tea-pairing desserts

FUKUCHA’s sweets are precisely calculated to enhance the deliciousness of tea when enjoyed together. “FUKU Bolo”, a kind of chocolate melted crispy biscuit which we serve with Ujicha, is a new modern arranged version of Kyoto’s traditional snack “Soba Bolo”.
Please enjoy our pastry chefs’ special desserts together with Fukujuen’s finely selected Ujicha.