FUKUCHA provides ways to explore the new possibilities of Kyoto’s traditional Ujicha.

The world of Japanese tea has been thought as complicated and difficult, so we wished to create a place where Japanese tea can be enjoyed more casually in our everyday lifestyles. Carrying the mission to communicate the beauty of Ujicha to people around the world and on to the next generations, FUKUCHA offers a traditional yet modern style of Ujicha. “FUKU” symbolizes richness. We deliver rich Ujicha that will fulfill both your body and minds.


About Fukujuen

In Kyoto, a place where various elements of the Japanese traditional culture were born, Fukujuen has been passing on the traditional spirit of tea.

In Kyoto, where rich culture has been refined over time by craft masters from various fields, beauty and tradition has been pursued for generations. Through its long history, Fukujuen craftmanship has uncovered the timeless value and aesthetics of Ujicha. “Fuku” means richness. An unchanging mission to propose a spiritually rich and healthy life through Ujicha is a value that Fukujuen will continue to thrive for the future.


Tea Shop Menu

Authentic, casual tea and sweets pairing

Authentic Ujicha, carefully blended original herbal teas, and tea pairing signature desserts can all be enjoyed at FUKUCHA with self-service style. We also offer take-out menus and tealeaves/sweets gift sets to enjoy at home or to give to your friends and families.



Where traditional design and modern sense of beauty meets.

Fukujuen, where tradition and modernity meet, has been beloved by many throughout time. FUKUCHA displays the mixture of Japanese tradition and modern freshness, which enhances the teatime experience. Every customer will be welcomed to discover a new aspect of Ujicha, that will fulfill both body and mind.


Store Information

Saryo FUKUCHA Kyoto station Store

〒600-8216 2F Central entrance, Kyoto Station, Kyoto Porta, 901 Higashishiokoji-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-city, Kyoto
MAP(Kyoto Porta HP)
+81-75-744-0552 Open Hours: 8:30-21:00 [L.O 20:30]

Saryo FUKUCHA Shijo Store

〒600-8005 Shijo-dori,tominokojikado, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-shi
+81-50-3152-2902 Open Hours: 11:00-19:00[L.O 18:30]