• New Tea Pairing Menu & Autumn/Winter Menu

    Discover our new Pairing Menu of Herbal blended tea& desserts, and Autumn/Winter special menu.

    <Herbal blended tea and dessert pairing menu>

    Herbal tea and dessert set 900 Yen
    *Herbal tea only: 500Yen

    Starting from 2019/10/10~ (all season)

    Hibiscus Blended Houjicha × Chocolate Creme Brulee with Berry Confiture

    (Tea) Lightly roasted houjicha blended with hibiscus and rosehip.
    (Dessert) Rich chocolate brulee with refreshing taste of berry confiture.

    Cinnamon Blended Kukicha  × Mascarpone Cream and Apple butter saute

    (Tea) Kukicha blended Cinnamon and camomile.
    (Dessert) Caramelized apple saute matches well with rich mascarpone cream.

    Peppermint Blended Kukicha × Seasonal Fruits Tart

    (Tea) Kukicha blended with peppermint and camomile.
    (Dessert) Rich almond tart base topped with seasonal fruits.

    Ginger Blended Genmaicha × Ricotta Tart with Orange Peel

    (Tea) Genmaicha is blended with ginger and dandelion leaf.
    (Dessert) Ricotta cheese tart with flomage blanc cream, with a hint of orange.


    <Autumn/Winter Menu>


    Okowa (Matsutake and pike conger/ Flavored ground chicken with wild edible plants) Houjicha set 1,200Yen

    Produced by Chef Nakahigashi from “Miyamasou”.

    ◆Japanese Marron Houjicha Monaka 350Yen

    Red azuki bean paste, Japanese marron, and houjicha cream is sandwiched with Monaca wafers.

    ◆FUKUCHA’s Matcha Amasake Hot Dessert 700Yen

    Mild matcha amazake soup with marron, sweet potato, sweet beans, rice flour dumplings, mizu manju and momiji fu toppings.

  • New Summer menu & Food Menu

    Discover our new Summer menu at “Saryo FUKUCHA”. Ujicha shaved ice with fruits sauce, Ujicha fruits jelly soda, and Ujicha soft-serve float is a must item to overcome the hot summer in Kyoto.
    Also try our new Ujicha set meal menu; Okowa, Ochazuke, and mini pancake with Ujicha sauce.

    <Summer Menu>

    7/10 (Wed) – 9/30(Mon)

    ◆Ujicha Fruits Shaved Ice

    Matcha Berry Shaved Ice 950Yen
    Matcha Berry Shaved Ice (Extra dark) 1100Yen
    Houjicha Banana Shaved Ice  950Yen

    ◆Ujicha Fruits Soda

    Ujicha Peach Soda, Ujicha Raspberry Soda 650Yen

    ◆Ujicha Soft-serve Float

    Uji Matcha soft-serve float, Houjicha soft-serve float 700Yen

    <Food Menu>

    7/10(Wed)~all season

    ◆Okowa Houjicha Set 1000Yen
    ◆Smoked Salmon Matcha Chazuke 750Yen
    ◆Mini Pancake Set 750Yen
    *Price does not include tax.


  • Saryo Fukucha OPEN

    “Saryo FUKUCHA” offers the traditional yet modern style of Ujicha.
    Enjoy wide selection of Ujicha, herbal blended tea, and our pastry chef’s homemade tea pairing desserts.