• Three kinds of pâtissier-made parfait featuring Matcha and strawberries: ‘three strawberry sisters who fell in love with Matcha’. Available for a limited period from 8th January.

    We offer three Matcha strawberry parfaits pairing highly aromatic Matcha and seasonal strawberries.
    Three parfaits: Konome in the image of the youngest, cutest sister, Konoha, the middle sister who has grown taller and more sophisticated and Konoka, the eldest sister who is almost an adult and has an air of elegance.
    These parfaits are each created with richly individual styles and differing flavors and textures.
    At the same time, we are also offering two types of herbal tea that go perfectly with the parfaits.
    We really hope you will enjoy your encounter with the new face of Japanese tea.

    Period of sale: 8th January – 31st May, 2020 Limited to 10 orders a day

    <Three Sisters Matcha strawberry parfaits>

    ●Youngest sister: Konome 1,350 yen
    Matcha strawberry fondue. Dip strawberries, bean-jam-filled wafers and clear bracken-starch dumplings into bitter Matcha chocolate sauce. Decorated in the image of a cute youngest child.

    ●Middle sister: Konoha 1,450 yen
    Matcha strawberry tiramisu. Matcha sauce and strawberries are hidden in mascarpone cream. Decorated in the image of the stylish dress of the middle sister who has become a little more sophisticated.

    ●Eldest sister: Konoka 1,550 yen
    Brilliant strawberries. Rich Matcha chocolate bavarois hidden beneath melt-in-the-mouth strawberry-flavored cream cheese in bean jam. Decorated simply with an elegant pearl motif in the image of the grown-up eldest sister.

    *Three Sisters Matcha strawberry parfaits are served from 10am.

    <Strawberry pairing herbal tea>
    ●Rose petal deep-steamed Sencha 500 yen
    A herbal tea of deep-steamed Sencha with added lemongrass and rose red.
    ●Jasmine petal deep-steamed Sencha 500 yen
    A herbal tea of deep-steamed Sencha with added jasmine and chamomile.
    *Both are served with semi-dried strawberries.

    *Displayed prices do not include tax.
    *We do not accept reservations.
    *Actual items served may differ from the photo.

  • New Tea Pairing Menu & Autumn/Winter Menu

    Discover our new Pairing Menu of Herbal blended tea& desserts, and Autumn/Winter special menu.

    <Herbal blended tea and dessert pairing menu>

    Herbal tea and dessert set 900 Yen
    *Herbal tea only: 500Yen

    Starting from 2019/10/10~ (all season)

    Hibiscus Blended Houjicha × Chocolate Creme Brulee with Berry Confiture

    (Tea) Lightly roasted houjicha blended with hibiscus and rosehip.
    (Dessert) Rich chocolate brulee with refreshing taste of berry confiture.

    Cinnamon Blended Kukicha  × Mascarpone Cream and Apple butter saute

    (Tea) Kukicha blended Cinnamon and camomile.
    (Dessert) Caramelized apple saute matches well with rich mascarpone cream.

    Peppermint Blended Kukicha × Seasonal Fruits Tart

    (Tea) Kukicha blended with peppermint and camomile.
    (Dessert) Rich almond tart base topped with seasonal fruits.

    Ginger Blended Genmaicha × Ricotta Tart with Orange Peel

    (Tea) Genmaicha is blended with ginger and dandelion leaf.
    (Dessert) Ricotta cheese tart with flomage blanc cream, with a hint of orange.


    <Autumn/Winter Menu>


    Okowa (Matsutake and pike conger/ Flavored ground chicken with wild edible plants) Houjicha set 1,200Yen

    Produced by Chef Nakahigashi from “Miyamasou”.

    ◆Japanese Marron Houjicha Monaka 350Yen

    Red azuki bean paste, Japanese marron, and houjicha cream is sandwiched with Monaca wafers.

    ◆FUKUCHA’s Matcha Amasake Hot Dessert 700Yen

    Mild matcha amazake soup with marron, sweet potato, sweet beans, rice flour dumplings, mizu manju and momiji fu toppings.

  • New Summer menu & Food Menu

    Discover our new Summer menu at “Saryo FUKUCHA”. Ujicha shaved ice with fruits sauce, Ujicha fruits jelly soda, and Ujicha soft-serve float is a must item to overcome the hot summer in Kyoto.
    Also try our new Ujicha set meal menu; Okowa, Ochazuke, and mini pancake with Ujicha sauce.

    <Summer Menu>

    7/10 (Wed) – 9/30(Mon)

    ◆Ujicha Fruits Shaved Ice

    Matcha Berry Shaved Ice 950Yen
    Matcha Berry Shaved Ice (Extra dark) 1100Yen
    Houjicha Banana Shaved Ice  950Yen

    ◆Ujicha Fruits Soda

    Ujicha Peach Soda, Ujicha Raspberry Soda 650Yen

    ◆Ujicha Soft-serve Float

    Uji Matcha soft-serve float, Houjicha soft-serve float 700Yen

    <Food Menu>

    7/10(Wed)~all season

    ◆Okowa Houjicha Set 1000Yen
    ◆Smoked Salmon Matcha Chazuke 750Yen
    ◆Mini Pancake Set 750Yen
    *Price does not include tax.


  • Saryo Fukucha OPEN

    “Saryo FUKUCHA” offers the traditional yet modern style of Ujicha.
    Enjoy wide selection of Ujicha, herbal blended tea, and our pastry chef’s homemade tea pairing desserts.