Fukujuen, founded in 1790

Fukujuen, founded in 1790

Over 220 years of technique advancements and innovation

Fukujuen was founded as a tea dealer in 1790 by Iyemon Fukui, in Kamikoma of Yamashiro (present Yamashiro town, Kyoto), which was connected to Osaka and Kobe by river transportation on the Kizu river and functioned as a distribution point where the Yamato and Iga main roads crossed.
For over 220 years, Fukujuen has been focusing on producing tea products that matches the customers’ needs of all times.
Our mission is to continue improving techniques and quality of tea, to deliver timeless experience to customers all around the world with our tea products.

Our passion for tea

Uncompromising attention to every single production process creates high quality and great taste.

Throughout the year, tea leaves are cultivated with great care, carefully picked and transformed into various kinds of green tea at the Fukujuen factory. Our thorough quality management by the combination of master craftmanship of our pioneers and the advanced technology, allows us to provide genuine tea products that are both safe and high in quality.